ATV, Quad, Tractor & Mower Tipper Trailer

ATV, Lawn Mower, Quad Bike, Tractor Tipper Trailer

A versatile accessory with applications for home, garden, acreage, construction and farming use. Carry sizable loads with ease. Ideal for soils, fertiliser, mulch, hay, feeds and more. The modern design means the tipper trailer can be used as a tow behind trailer. To tip or dump the cart the operator needs only pull the quick release handle and the contents of the trailer can be emptied. Due to the way the weight is distributed evenly over the pivot point the load requires minimal effort to tip. The trailer is made to be low maintenance with sealed bearings, in fact the only ongoing work required is occasionally pumping up the tires. The tow behind feature utilises a standard tow hitch and pin. This means it can be attached to ride on mowers, quad bikes, ATVs and other small vehicles. Designed to last the trailer is made out of high grade steel and then hot Dipped Galvernised. and the tray is bolted in through the top rail. This Reduces the risk of rusting out the frame in the tray where the tray is normally bolted.

Tray Size  (W)1000mm X (L)1500mm X (H)500

Capacity 650L

Wheel Size

Load Rating 500KG